Reading Recovery – the Verdict

Today’s front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.

To sum it up: The Government’s recommended program to help the 14 % of students, struggling with Literacy,  in Year 1 across 960 NSW Public Schools – and which has been in use since 1984 – has proven to be ineffective, especially for a long-term improvement for these struggling readers.

So why has the one-on-one 30-minute-daily reading support not proven to be a successful intervention? Why has a 55 Million Dollar a year Government spending not produced any lasting changes?

Maybe teaching these children, the majority being visual learners, without doubt, in the same way as the rest of the class – and as they had been taught previously without success – will not bring a different result??? Maybe Einstein or whoever coined this quote, was right: ‘The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.’

Teaching children to read by deciphering phonetically has been and still is the number one tool used in classrooms across Australia. Our poor literacy rate will continue to remain or climb as long as educators insist on defending and administering their approach.

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