How to get Kids to do their Chores

Pearls of Wisdom that I think any parent can benefit from. I have had the pleasure to learn to use the Love and Logic method this week with a lovely mum and her 10-year old son – and it made our week most memorable and inspiring. If her son hadn’t been able to challenge us to a point where we felt that we had to abandon our dyslexia correction program on Day 2, I might not have learnt about this wonderful process. To cut a long story short: Day 2 was a write-off and half of Day 3 as well, very challenging (especially for mum to react differently and firmly, despite the tantrums), but have paid off like magic! The remainder of the program has been very fruitful. Ewen (I changed his name) has written his first book and started the reading and spelling journey, where he previously couldn’t read more than Year 1 books. He loves making clay models, learns words that go with the story, comes up with great imaginary tales and is generally enthusiastic and gained more confidence every day. Thank you to the mum for persevering! I shall never forget this experience.

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