Adult Dyslexia Correction Week at the Entrance

IMG_7884Can I ‘cure’ my dyslexia as an adult?

I have been asked that so many times, that I decided to blog about it – or rather let an adult ‘talk’ who has just been through a week of a Dyslexia Correction Program for adults at the Beach Retreat.

Although adult programs as such aren’t that different to children’s programs, they do require other aspects to be considered:

  • Often there is a level of anxiety, depression or other emotional barriers that need to be cleared for something new, like an upgrade of the way we can learn and retain information with more ease, to enter into our lives.
  • Emotional or mental blocks, traumas from school and feelings of insecurity have to be addressed to achieve real and lasting success
  • The program usually takes a more holistic approach, incorporating healthy food, exercise and relaxation, which is made easier by being in the pristine ocean-side environment
  • The methods to learn to focus, read, spell, write or understand Maths are the same, but the material used is tailored to the personal need of the adult client
  • P.S. Of course there is ‘no cure’ for your dyslexia, as dyslexia is not an illness and therefore doesn’t require a cure. Instead it helps to recover and polish the diamond that is already present and use the beautiful visual mind inherent in most dyslexic individuals to learn to do anything they set their mind to.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to spend five days at the Entrance Retreat with a very special lady, Catherine, who came all the way from Dubai. We had an amazing time together. I let her tell you the story:

“My five days attending the Davis Program with Barbara have been life-changing. This is a big statement to make, and it is true. There have been many benefits in doing this program; some small, some big.

Barbara is an amazing lady who is passionate about her work, her life and healthy cooking. She is so knowledgeable and full of creative ideas. It has made the time spent here an easy place to soak in all the information. She is accepting and warm; qualities that have been necessary and a great relief to someone who isn’t feeling the greatest about herself and her situation.

The location is amazing – peaceful and beautiful. Looking out to the ocean every day brings a sense of calmness to the day and an ability to relax into the surroundings and focus on the program. It is a piece of Heaven on Earth.

The program itself is life-changing. Learning to be able to focus and orientate oneself to then learn has been wonderful. Understanding how the dyslexic person learns has been the most important aspect of the program – to then be able to go on and use the techniques provided by the program.

This has led me to be able to feel my confidence returning in not just a learning perspective, but also a life perspective. 

The best and most exciting aspect of the time spent doing the program is to realize that dyslexia is something to be celebrated and worked with, to accept and believe that life with dyslexia doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. You just need to be creative. Thank you, Barbara!”

Thank you, Catherine!!!

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