Useful iPad Apps for Dyslexics

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Learning VS Addiction

One of our lovely Davis facilitators from the NZ Dyslexia Foundation went to an eTime Learning Seminar and kindly shared this very valuable information:

As much as we don’t want kids to be addicted to devices, it can also be a valuable addition and support for learning, for information and for facilitating their lives.

Some features that iPads have:
There is the “Speak Selection” option under
Settings>General>Accessibility. Turn it on to get more options including
the speaking rate. Turn on “Highlight Words” to have words highlighted as
they are spoken.

Assistive Touch – creates a button (e.g. the home button) that will always
be on the screen that acts as a shortcut to many features. Go to
Settings>General>Accessibility>Assistive Touch (at the bottom of the
Accessibility menu). The button can be moved around the screen.

Guided Access – use to lock student into an app
Settings>General>Accessibility>Guided Access (stops them from playing if
you want to use some game time as a reward)

Some good Apps I learnt about include:

Tell About This
– has over 100 photo prompts to inspire student
– create your own photo and oral prompts

Write About This
– Visual writing prompt with built-in voice recorder
– Student can add own photo and voice recorder to assist with writing
– can record a story, then play it as often as needed to type it up

– An OCR (optical character recognition) scanning app. Scans text on a
page and converts to a pdf that can be read aloud
– Also available for Mac and PC computers

Talking Calculator
– reads aloud every action you take as you use the calculator

Voice Text
– imitates the “Dictation” function that is built into newer iPads (iPad3
and newer)
– not perfect but many students have learnt to use it to their advantage
– set language to “English AU” if you have a New Zealand accent

Dragon Dictation (free)

EduCreations (free)
– simple and user friendly interface
– can input text boxes
– built-in image search function
– reasonable internet access required
– our tutor’s pick!!

Explain Everything
– Powerful presentation app like Powerpoint
– imports most file types from most sources e.g. Dropbox, email, Google
– allows importing of video content
– allows exporting to all sources as video, pdf, image and project file
– has great help guides and a free ebook
– tutor thinks it’s better than Powerpoint for kids as they get carried
away with the transitions

Pic Collage (free)
– Creative use of digital photos
– in-App image search
– text input
– easy saving to the camera roll (can then be used in other apps like
Explain Everything)

Book Creating Apps
*Story Books Maker
*Book Creator

Fun creative stuff
*Lego Movie Maker – free stop motion app
*How to Make Origami – free – great for learning how to follow instructions
*Pixel Press – free highly motivating game creation app

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