It’s Report Time


I love Report Time! It’s the time of year when I get emails like these and I know why I love what I do. I know it is the hard work of these clever individuals that gets them to succeed beyond their own expectations and to keep improving more and more as time goes. I am so proud of them:

Hi Barbara

Just wanted to let you know that Dylan received his first DISTINCTION this semester! Last semester he got a couple of credits too.

Thanks so much for your help and have a great Christmas. (from his mum Catherine)


Hi Barbara

How have you been? Well, mum and I have been doing great. In fact, I’m about to get my school report back, and I hope I’ll go well.
In school we are doing a project called genius hour. It’s where you get to chose your own subject to research. The minute I heard this I thought this is my chance to show not only my class mates what I have – well, what I am but I can also show my teacher.I have chosen DYSLEXIA!!!!!!!!! The reason I am writing to you is that I need your help. Can you please try and summaries what dyslexia is? I’m struggling to summaries it in a way that my class mates could understand. Can you also please write just a paragraph on me and how I learn and how going to you has had a major impact not only in school but how I feel and how I act.
thank you Barbara
I hope to hear from you soon (from Josie)

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