Once Dyslexia, always Dyslexia? Will my child grow out of it?

ImageOnce Dyslexic, always Dyslexic? Will my child grow out of it?

That is a wonderful question and certainly a valid one, if we look at
Dyslexia from the point of the challenges that many children are
facing at school. I truly believe that the gifts far outweigh the
difficulties and will become more apparent in the later stages in
life, often after school, at university or at the right job. Although
children don’t ‘grow out of it’, as much as they don’t grow out of
being creative or intuitive, they learn to use the strengths of their
mindset, choose the areas they excel at and grow in confidence, when
they realise the advantages they have over others. The worst case
would be to shut down their creative, visual abilities in an attempt
to ‘cure’ or ‘fix’ Dyslexia, making them feel wrong.

So the short answer is: Yes, once Dyslexic, you will always be
Dyslexic – thank God for that!  The world will catch up to your
brilliant mind very soon. You are at the right place right now.

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