Writing my first book

ImageGetrude Matshe and I

I have found my writing mentor: Getrude Matshe, Auckland/NZ

My time-line: July to write, August to get ready for launch, marketing etc

Title: The Right Brain for the Right Time (or the Right Mind for the Right Time)???

Subtitle: How Visual Learners, Dyslexics, Asperger, Hyperactive kids will lead the way (subject to change)

Anyway, it will be a book about my journey to discover the Gift of Dyslexia in my son and how he used it to thrive and how this can be everybody’s child – or every adult with the same visual mind. Stories, inspirations, tips, ideas, and helping people to feel proud of their special children, changing the perspective from a ‘need-to-fix-mindset’ to a feeling of how can I help the genius to emerge and watch the process with awe and gratitude.

Wish me good luck for July – my month of writing. Anyone who wants to join me and give birth to the book on their mind, feel free to contact me. The peace, serenity and energy at ‘Hoi by the Sea’ at the Entrance will be very inspiring.


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