The  Sydney Dyslexia Correction Program and Workshops are becoming more widely sought after and recognised by educationalists, parents, teachers and tutors, as a highly effective solution for individuals struggling in the 'system'.

The program offers tools for visual learners to not just cope, but thrive in an auditory learning environment.

"It's not a learning disability, it's a learning difficulty, and if cultivated, it's a gift!" - Barbara Hoi


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'The Right Brain for the Right Time' is Barbara's first book on how to identify and manage dyslexia.

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'The Gift Of Dyslexia' 
by Ronald Davis

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Some of the most successful and famous people in the world are famous BECAUSE they are DYSLEXIC not despite of it.

Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, 
Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Cher, 
Whoopy Goldberg and Bill Gates
...just to name a few!

An introduction to Barbara and the Dyslexia Correction program


Click here to listen to Barbara's radio podcast from 104.1FM about 'The Right Brain for the Right Time' and her work with dyslexics


"Since working with Barbara Hoi, I’ve been able to grasp concepts that were obstacles to learning throughout primary school, high school and my university years. No educator could teach me in all those years what Barbara taught me in 5 days. More than that, she has helped me to join the dots to a larger understanding of how my brain works and how to get the most of it.  This insight surpasses relief, for me it is unquestionably a life-changer. Barbara is a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional, who is warm, optimist and committed to her student's learning success. If you have the joy of being her student, I encourage you to follow her guidance to the letter, and it’s likely your life could change too."

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"Being an adult dyslexic, my approach to general work is always achieved through tactile and visual means. These very two strengths have also allowed me to creatively avoid any situation which require input in literacy and numeracy. I struggled endlessly with non picture words which then severely impact my ability in comprehending anything. The truth is you can only run and avoid it for so long. I decided to work with Barbara and face these challenges. Looking back, it was a life changing decision to do this course. Using my visual/tactile learning preference, Barbara guided me in understanding the basic functions of trigger words and its associations with the correct grammar. For the numeracy aspects, Barbara also taught me the foundation's of math's which was immense in understanding the mechanisms and representations. By the end of the week,  I had a deeper meaning of the words and their connections in sentences, which led to full comprehension.  Thank you again Barbara!!" 

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Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

"My son (15) completed a dyslexia correction programme with Barbara in April this year. After three days I  heard him read from a 'Harry Potter' book and I couldn't hold back the tears. He had never read a book of that complexity before (or any book above reading level 2).  I was so touched by the joy and the pride in his face. The written word which had  so undermined and confused him all his life could now become his friend and support. I always knew my son was very intelligent and yet we had given up after trying and failing  so many special classes and programs. I am delighted that he is on the right track now,  motivated and empowered to read, learn and dream" 

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